Dreadful Car Rides

Long car rides can often times be a pain in the butt (pun fully intended)! You sit in one spot for hours (more or less) with limited movement. Your lower back becomes very stiff, you eventually get tired of your own music, and you can’t find that comfortable position that you were in just five minutes ago. It’s no wonder why we all yearn for the rest stops to get out of the car and stretch!

I don’t necessarily have the most experience of traveling in a car, but I think I have enough to give others my others my insight to help their drives go much smoother and easier. To start, lets discuss what you should bring prior to departing. Before you leave, I believe that it is imperative to have the following:

Pillow/Neck Pillow– You have got to bring something to rest the noggin on. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than sleeping with your head propped up against the hard plastic of the car.

Comfortable Clothes– Duh? It’s common sense, but I have traveled with people that wore jeans the entire way. Nothing wrong with it, but I couldn’t do it. Gym shorts and a t-shirt have always been my go-to and always will be!

Sunglasses– Not as important as the others, in my opinion, but everyone hates being blinded by the sun.

Snacks– This is always up to you. A lot of people bring gas station snacks for the drive, but I, on the other hand, prefer to go to a McDonald’s drive through and devour a hefty amount of their McDoubles. Whatever floats your boat.

Caffeine/Energy Drinks– Depending on how far of a drive you have, you may want to load up on the caffeine. For obvious reasons, you do not want your driver to get sleepy behind the wheel!

Now that you are ready to embark on your magnificent journey to wherever your heart desires, there are some things to help make the drive go by faster:

Read– Bring a book or two along with you. It doesn’t have to be a book, either. Read an article on a subject that interests you. You would be amazed at how much it helps.

Play Games– My go-to game is punching someone when you either see a Volkswagen Beetle and/or a yellow car. Two punches if you see a yellow Beetle!

Audio Books– I have done this once before and listening to an audio book forces you to stay focused, if you are really getting into it! Listening to mysteries do a great job of making the drive go by much faster!

Music– Obviously, you are going to listen to music, but try a new genre. Listening to the same playlist that you’ve always had on your phone will grow boring very, very quick.

Learn A New Language– Kind of a cliché, yes, but I think it’s a perfect time to study a new language. Especially when you have a drive that lasts a few hours!

Some people are always going to enjoy long car rides more than others, but try these out. It makes time fly by! If none of these help you, sleeping is always a good option. 😉

If you have any tips and tricks up your sleeve, feel free to share! 🙂

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